Welcome to Big Rhino Investments

Our provision of services is informed by the policies, principles and guidelines set-out in the batho pele and key government policies like the Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) and the Broad-Base Black Economic Development (B-BBEE).


It is our conviction that active and meaningful participation of previously disadvantaged communities in the reconstruction and development process is a critical element for sustainable development.


Key to our approach is the extension of the B-BBEE policy of which we are beneficiary of by offering employment equity, skills development and socio economic development, and the EPWP’s poverty and income relief towards communities where we deliver services. The outcome of our services provision therefore, goes beyond the physical of a project, but addressing of socio-economic ills of our communities through job creation 



Company Background:

Big Rhino Investments (Pty) Ltd was founded in 2013 since then it has been engaged in various projects, listing amongst its clients are contractors who had contracts with provincial governments, municipalities, government agencies and the private sector. The project list ranges from general building, water and wastewater treatment supply and disposal, Electrical works, plumbing, and supply of materials and general supplies.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to serve the community by putting our professional skills and resources to good use, and imparting the skill to the community we are working within.


Big Rhino Investments (Pty)Ltd offers services in the following fields:

  • Building and Construction (Renovations, Paving, General Building, Painting, Fencing etc.)
  • Electrical Works (Light & Heavy current)
  • Plumbing
  • Supply (Building Material, Food, Appliances, Health Appliances and etc.)
  • Water and wastewater treatment supply and disposal (Water & sanitation)
  • Project Management


The company is registered with the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB), Registration No 10302729.